DiscImageChef Report for MATSHITA CD-ROM CR-508 XS03

SCSI characteristics:
Vendor: MATSHITA (Matsushita)
Product: CD-ROM CR-508
Revision: XS03
Device is connected and supported.
CD-ROM/DVD/etc device
Device claims to comply with ANSI X3.131:1994 (SCSI-2)
Device does not claim to comply with any SCSI ECMA standard
Device does not claim to comply with any SCSI ISO/IEC standard
Device is removable
Device supports synchronous data transfer
Device supports linked commands
Device does not support assymetrical access
Device supports only ST clocking
Device supports MODE SENSE (6)

SCSI mode sense pages:
Mode Contents
MODE page 01h SCSI Read error recovery page for MultiMedia Devices:
Drive will repeat read operations 8 times
All available recovery procedures will be used.
Recovered errors will not be reported.
Unrecovered ECC errors will return CHECK CONDITION.
MODE page 02h SCSI Disconnect-Reconnect mode page:
1 ratio of buffer that shall be full prior to attempting a reselection
Data transfer disconnect control is not used
MODE page 0Dh SCSI CD-ROM parameters page:
Drive will remain in track hold state a vendor-specified time after a seek or read
Each minute has 60 seconds
Each second has 75 frames
MODE page 0Eh SCSI CD-ROM audio control parameters page:
Drive will return from playback command immediately
Output port 0 has channels 0 at volume 63
Output port 1 has channels 1 at volume 63
MODE page 20h Unknown mode page