Aaru Report for TEAC FC-1 JHF 11 RV J

SCSI characteristics:
Vendor: TEAC
Product: FC-1 JHF 11
Revision: RV J
Device is connected and supported.
Direct-access device
Device claims to comply with ANSI X3.131:1986 (SCSI-1)
Device does not claim to comply with any SCSI ECMA standard
Device does not claim to comply with any SCSI ISO/IEC standard
Device is removable
Device does not support assymetrical access
Device supports only ST clocking
Device supports MODE SENSE (6)

SCSI mode sense pages:
Mode Contents
MODE page 01h SCSI Read-write error recovery page:
Parameters can be saved
Data not recovered within limits shall be transferred back before a CHECK CONDITION
Drive will repeat read operations 16 times
MODE page 05h SCSI Flexible disk page:
Parameters can be saved
Transfer rate: 250 kbit/s
2 heads
80 cylinders
8 sectors per track
512 bytes per sector
Drive steps in 4000 μs
Heads settles in 28000 μs
Target shall wait 40 seconds before attempting to access the medium after motor on is asserted
Target shall wait 700 seconds before releasing the motor on signal after becoming idle
Sectors start at 1
The motor on signal shall remain released
Drive needs to do 2 step pulses per cylinder
Pin 34 indicates disk has changed when active low Pin 4 is unconnected
Pin 2 is unconnected
Pin 1 is unconnected
MODE page 20h Unknown mode page
MODE page 22h Unknown mode page
MODE page 00h Unknown vendor mode page