DiscImageChef Report for ARCHIVE VIPER 150 21531 -003

SCSI characteristics:
Vendor: ARCHIVE (Archive)
Product: VIPER 150 21531
Revision: -003
Device is connected and supported.
Sequential-access device
Device claims to comply with ANSI X3.131:1986 (SCSI-1)
Device does not claim to comply with any SCSI ECMA standard
Device does not claim to comply with any SCSI ISO/IEC standard
Device is removable
Device does not support assymetrical access
Device supports only ST clocking
Device supports MODE SENSE (6)

SCSI Streaming device capabilities:
Block size granularity: Unspecified
Maximum block length: Unspecified bytes
Minimum block length: Unspecified bytes

Tested media:
Information for medium named "QIC-150"
Medium type code: 00h
Medium manufactured by: 3M
Medium model: QIC-150
Medium has density code 00h
Drive recognizes this medium.